An added value to our FREE DELIVERY, gladly appreciate doing your initial order with us-in this manner we are glad to ADD 4 Purefoods corned beef 
(150 grams each can), In this tradition, we are happy to do this in monthly basis,so
next time you order again rest assured another promo will be given to you, our VALUED SHOPPERS. 

US Grocery Package


 Our Grocery package is not limited only to local goodies ( P.I)-U.S. GROCERY items can also be send thru balikbayan box ( can goods, chocolates, dry goods, Tea, Choco powder, Instant or brew coffee, creamer-ALL THE STUFF THAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR PANTRIES NOW). Yes we will SHOP, PACK AND SEALED FOR YOU the shipping is also FREE. We will be accepting order beginning middle of September just in time for the Holiday at home, di ba dapat masaya sila? 

Memories and Celebration


 It could be a birthday, anniversary or just want to say your love to her-our products can be

added from our regular list to be delivered and as our tradition-ALL FOR FREE DELIVERY.

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